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——Shenzhen Genrace Technology Co.,Ltd.


 Company Profile

Under the push of national policy, the rapid developing IOT(Internet of Things) promotes the development of the RFID industry. Now the RFID involves in finance, transportation, aviation, food, jewelry etc. With the great support of national special funds, RFID application pilot projects are gradually increasing which provides the main impetus for the RFID applications development in China. 

In this context, Shenzhen Genrace Technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Genrace"),as a high-quality supplier, dedicates to provide one-stop RFID products solutions and it helps various industries to realize the intelligent management.

As an excellent national high-tech enterprise, Genrace is engaged in product design, development, production and sales. We have established tag laboratory for the material analysis, tag design and sample preparation, hardware and data laboratory for the hardware selection, tag testing, encoding and application environment simulation etc. 

Meanwhile, Genrace owned a number of RFID products Independent Intellectual Property Rights, established strategic partnership with many well-known companies and universities. Adhere to the idea of “technology first, scientific innovation”, the products include antenna designs, UHF SMD products, UHF test systems, UHF tags etc., which are widely used in warehouse logistics, asset inventory, cars, tires, electrical appliances, railway, consumables and other industries. According to different applications, we provide one-stop solutions, which contain the tags, hardware, encoding and related software systems.

Besides, Genrace is the drafting unit of Four RFID Tyre Tags ISO Standards and also the one of the Tyre Rim National Standardization Technical Committee members. The Four ISO standards are as follows:

1.ISO 20909  Radio frequency identification (RFID) tyre tags

2.ISO 20910  Coding for Radio frequency identification (RFID) tyre tags 

3.ISO 20911  Embedding methods for Radio frequency identification(RFID) tyre tags

4.ISO 20912  Testing methods for Radio frequency identification(RFID) tyre tags

With strong technical R&D background and excellent PMC management team, Genrace has the promotion on developing innovative RFID products and will provide much better and more reliable products to customers in the future.